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Join us for Facebook Live! Saturday January 16, 2021 9am to 11am at Facebook QWP page!

Saturday Sampler is happening at Quilt With Passion! 

QWP Sampler Saturday Club 2021

Welcome to QWP Saturday Sampler  2021! You pay your initial fee of $10 and for this you will receive not only a fun filled time the last  (or almost last) Saturday of every month from 10-11 am; you will also receive a free pattern and fabric for 12 blocks (one block per month) to make a quilt top!
The rules are as simple and as follows:

  • Show up on time. No Stragglers.

  • Pick up your first block at the January meeting.

  • Come to the February meeting and your kit is FREE IF you bring the previous month’s completed block and sit through a complete demonstration session including a show and tell.

  • Repeat each month.

  • If you have to miss a month, you must pick up your kit and pay $5 any time after the meeting you missed, to continue participating.

  • If you have any questions regarding the construction of the block, you can come in during the month to get clarification. It’s best to do the block while it is fresh in your brain rather than the night before it’s due.

  • Bring your block and other projects in for show and tell! Everyone wants to see what you are doing and be inspired.

  • Be courteous with conversation and cell phones.

  • You must notify the shop if you decide not to participate so we do not cut the block. You will be expected to pay for the missed blocks if you do not notify us, before you can participate again in the future.

  • NEW...If the meeting wasn’t able to be held that month due to COVID restrictions, you must: 

    • make a purchase at time of pick up which will be the Tuesday after the last Saturday (Facebook Live pick-ups count) AND show the complete block at time of new block pick up or post the block photo complete on the monthly Saturday Sampler Facebook monthly posting OR pay $5.00. 

First Block Pick Up Tuesday January 26,2021