Saturday, February 2nd
10:30 am
Bali Wedding Star - Saturday Classes
Tuesday, February 5th
9:00 am
Bench Pillow of the Month
Wednesday, February 6th
5:00 pm
Twinkle Star or ANY JN Star
Thursday, February 7th
2:30 pm
Zippered Pouch Class
Monday, February 11th
5:00 pm
French Macaroon
Tuesday, February 12th
1:00 pm
Split Decision
Saturday, February 16th
9:30 am
Necessary Clutch Wallet
Wednesday, February 20th
1:00 pm
Runaround Bag
5:00 pm
Hosta .... any hosta pattern
Thursday, February 21st
1:00 pm
Izzy Bag Class
Tuesday, February 26th
1:00 pm
Starburst Runner
5:00 pm
Starburst Runner
Thursday, February 28th
5:00 pm
Growth Chart Applique Class